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Recyclable Materials Available and Needed!





Welcome to ETexasWaste.com!
This website explains the services and qualifications of East Texas Waste Management to attend to your Industrial Waste needs in East Texas and surrounding areas in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
We understand how difficult it is to keep up with local, state and federal changes/codes regarding waste disposal and more specifically, industrial waste. We work with companies to insure that waste disposal regulations are met so that the company and it's employees can concentrate on their core business and not spend valuable time trying to keep with these ever changing regulations. That's our job!

We also are working with the recycling of various materials, such as cardboard, rubber, plastics, computers, monitors, sands, pallets and printing solutions recovery of silver.
Please take some time to review our site and learn more about us and our Primary Consultant, Malcolm (Butch) Hall. Feel free to contact us by phone at 903.530.0023 or email us at Info@ETexasWaste.com.

You can also fill out a contact request form directly from our website by clicking HERE.