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Recyclable Materials Available and Needed!





At East Texas Waste Management, disposal is a last alternative for your company's waste. We continuously look for opportunities to recycle or reuse your surplus materials, by-products and waste. This is a better alternative than landfill disposal or incineration. Please call or email us about any of the listed materials or any of your special waste for consideration.


Dry Zinc Cake (19 to 50% zinc) continuous 14 to 16 tons per month

Cured and Uncured Rubber continuous 10 to 20 tons per month

Carbon Black continuous 16 cu yard per month

Glass Beads continuous 0.5 to 1 ton per month (have 6 tons now)

Crosslinked Polyethylene foam continuous 1 to 2 tons per month baled

Shrink Wrap film (1.5 mil) one-time quantity 11,000 lbs. on 28 inch and 30 inch rolls

Waste Oils monthly 2,000 to 3,000 gallons

Roadwork Dusting Water on-hand 190,000 gallons

Fly Ash

Super Sacks various sizes


Cardboard (boxes and drums)

Kraft Bags